Ferris wheel

Ferris wheel

Ferris Wheel will WOW you and anyone you want to send the card.

It's the most intricate design of The Hebe Store with sophisticated details. 


Ferris Wheel is the perfect way to send best wishes for any occasion whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary or a graduation.


Ferris Wheel is a finely-crafted handmade card featuring a unique and creative design that will delight a loved one.

Hebe cards are assembled by hand in different ways, some are glued, some are sewn with threads at the base, some are jointed.


  • Handmade and crafted on sustainably sourced paper
  • Laser-cut 3D design
  • Includes one card and one white envelope
  • Size : 7x7 inches
    C$13.99 Regular Price
    C$12.99Sale Price
    Free shipping all Canada 

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